There are 25 million Americans with diabetes. We are proud to be a part of the fight against disease, in hopes that our efforts lead to a better quality of life through technology and medicine that leads to a stable, lifelong management of diabetes and a cure in the long run.


Geoff’s son, Aidan, and father, Jim, have Type 1 diabetes. They came by this illness by no fault of their own but remain exposed in the wake of their diagnosis to the daily tasks and long term effects and risks caused by the disease. In 2007 we decided to get involved in our first Tour De Cure Fundraiser and haven’t stopped since. Kase’s corner Identifies with any child fighting daily to battle their disease or similar circumstances.


We inspire people to get up off the couch and get make valuable use of your free time. Cycling has been at the core of Kase’s corner and a central activity that links our growing team together. Our cycling team relies on one another for support, growth, camaraderie and friendly competition as we challenge one another to achieve a level of fitness and health that fulfills our potential as weekend warriors, triathletes, and endurance racers. We know the sport of cycling is a lifelong activity which can help one manage their diabetes. Besides, you only get one lap around this life… make it count.

ABOUT GIVING BACK (Philanthropy/Charity)

We have all dedicated our time, resources and energy through involvement with many charities over the years, Penn State (PhiPsi500, Dance Marathon), various Chester County Charities, YMCA, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Race for a Cure, countless road races, triathlons and golf tournaments for charity. This is our time to make a difference and carry on this trend by focusing on the battle with ADA and JDRF against diabetes. Kase’s Corner, Inc. is approved by the IRS as a non-profit, 501c3, charitable organization.

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