“The team, Kase’s Corner, has been a shining example of commitment and dedication for the past 5 years, as part of the Central PA Tour de Cure — a fundraising event that supports the American Diabetes Association! Until a cure is found, Geoff and his team will continue to ride. And, they will continue to support all the efforts of the American Diabetes Association! Why not join them?” DENISE A. FORAN, ADA CENTRAL PA DIRECTOR

– Kases Corner has consistently earned Top Friends and Family honors in the 5 years it’s been involved with ADA’s Tour De Cure.

– Since 2007, Kase’s Corner has raised over $235,000 in fundraising efforts that go towards the American Diabetes Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and similar charitable organizations. The money has gone towards critical research, advocacy, education and community based outreach!


Join this list of exceptional people who make up our team for TOUR DE CURE!

Pedro Alfonso
Mark Bartosh
Adam Barausky
Jim Bates
Mark Berger
Scott Born
Michael Brophy
Kevin Brown
Amy Brownawell
Justin Brundage
Jerry Buckwalter
Lauren Burford
John Cooleen
Sharon Collins
John Cronley
Rick Cuddeback
Doreen Cunningham
Dana Daugherty
Matt Delaney
Damian DiLiberto
Tom Downs
Kiersten Elken
Kyle Elken
Danielle Fagan
Melissa Farkouh
John Fessick
Justin Fanslau
Henry Fix
Geoff Gardner
Mark Gieseler
Phil Guenzer
Leo Guillen
Melissa Guillen
Andrew Goddard
Jim Godorecci
Richard Gossow
Arturo Guillen
Leonardo Guillen
Darryl Heale
Owen Heale
Mike Hee
Lynnsey Perrin Hee
Sara Hoffheins
Alan Holtzer
Paul Horning
Dave Jinks
Maggie Johnson
Teresa Jurgensen
Brian Kane
Aidan Kase
Darien Kase
Evan Kase
Everly Kase
Geoff Kase
Lauri Kase
Matt Kase
Patty Kase
Mike Kolar
Laura Macomber
Jamie Maguire
Jim Maneri
Rachel Maneri
George Major
Matt Manion
Jenny Malinosky
Rachel Maneri
Suzanne McMonigle
Cheri Mitchell
Ian Morris
Dan Morris
Anders Nasman
Rob Newbold
Kate O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien
Drew O’Donnell
Jerry O’Donnell
Pat Paro
Frank Pazzazglia
Giacomo Pazzazglia
Kristen Pazzazglia
Sara Pazzazglia
Brett Pellegrini
Marisol Perez
Mark Powell
Tony Rauhut
Tom Rodriguez
Duffy Ross
Lynne Ross
Erin Savarese
Eva Scherer
Carl Scherer
Richard Schulman
Pat Scott
Dixon Shay
Jane Shields
Martin Shilton
Keith Silverstein
Bob Skelly
Paige Skelly
Conor Smith
Brian Sullivan
Sean Sweeney
Valentina Teofilo
Kirk Thibault
Jennifer Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Lauren Thompson
Ryan Thompson
Mathew Thompson
Matt Tomasicchio
Bridget Tomasicchio
Michael Tomasicchio
Theresa Tomasicchio
Nan Turanski
Paul Varahrami
Dave Verrecchia
Chip Waite
Evan Walker
Liam Walker
Dave Yancoskie

American Diabetes Association

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

CHILDREN’S Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

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